From March 19 to April 8, three savvy bloggers will test Elancyl's new anti-cellulite cream Cellu Slim , just for you. Follow their journey on this exclusive and interactive blog!

Throughout their experience, our bloggers will openly share their thoughts and opinions with you.

This blog will allow you to access real women's points of view and share a wealth of advice on how to regain smooth, healthy-looking skin!

Rencontrez les blogueuses...

Brittany Gray

I am a 26-year-old entrepreneur, makeup artist, professional actress, dancer and singer.

Candice Pantin

I'm what you call a self-confessed fashion and beauty addict. I devour magazines and linger on each glossy page; collect countless cosmetic products; and currently fear a closet that is on the fringe of bursting at the seam!

Sophie Tarnowska

I'm a (late) 30-something writer/blogger, photographer, and single mother. I'm a former TV journalist, I can stand on my head, I'm beginning to believe in Botox and I drive like a maniac.


Anne Dubois

expert opinion

As Director of Training at Pierre Fabre Dermo-cosmetics, and just like our Pharmacist founder and lover of plants, I am passionate about our products' ingredients, their origins and modes of action. To understand the usefulness of a product, I must first understand the problem it is meant to address. I do not deny that I am a bit of a bookworm!

Throughout this adventure, I will support the participants and help them to better understand cellulite and how to fight it effectively. I will inform you on CELLU SLIM's mode of action, its natural ingredients and the benefits of this innovation compared to similar existing products.

Cellu Slim un soin complet

Cellu SlimTM is a complete treatment targeting stubborn cellulite that you apply only once a day, for at least 14 days. Its exclusive Caffeine and Cecropia destocking formula delivers visible results. The easy to use Cellu SlimTM cream features a melting, non-greasy texture and a sparkling floral scent. See real improvement after only 7 days of use!*

Biometrological studies led to showing results on 44 subjects by centimeter measures on the hips from 7 days of use.

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